Hi All,

I was listening to a podcast where the speaker mentioned that bounce rates <5% could be caused by Google Analytics not setup correctly. This could also lead to page views being incorrectly counted. A common culprit being that there is a duplicate tracking ID.

Does anyone know how to determine if I do have duplicate tracking IDs in multiple areas? Any resources online seemed to be related to Shopify etc.

Thanks in advance,

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feigner Premium
if you know you have duplicate analytic numbers on your site then it is worth checking all hte places you can add them...
look to see which plugins you have
you can add code to your head in
headers and footers plugin
ad inserter
all in one seo
monster insights

and you can add it directly to your theme header file...
go through each of these if installed and see if you can find the codes...
decide which one you want left and delete the others...

if you visit your site and press ctrl+u a new tab will open with all the code of your page...
press ctrl+f to open hte find box and type google into it ....
you may see a few hits and click down ...looking for ua- or g-
it may also say just above it which plugin loaded the code...which may help....
let me know how you get on...
have fun
RCanty Premium Plus
Not familiar, but interested in learning more.

tommo1968 Premium Plus
Yes, it happened to me, I used two different plugins to track GA and didn't realize I was having a really low bounce rate. Once I removed one it went back up to normal figures. You most likely have it in twice.
jghwebbrand Premium
I thought that if you put one Google Analytics tracking code in your site Google Analytics will only count activity for that tracking code.

If you install other tools that track codes from all the tools you set up then you will get duplicate counts.

My opinion is stick with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

It can be so easy to get caught up in tracking the numbers but the real pay back comes in focusing on writing more original content..
ismisesharon Premium

I think you're right, you can also be tracking it in your theme, so I must investigate that too.

Thanks for the comment!
jghwebbrand Premium
This may be a matter of semantics. But you Google analytics code is put in your theme header so it tracking your website activity through the code you put in the header of your theme.
ismisesharon Premium
Thanks Abie, the first resource is very helpful
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You're very welcome.