My website features my art; but posting products does not seem to count as far as frequency goes.

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tobocrs Premium
As always, Yvette has all the good answers! Only point I might add is perhaps some information on the wood itself: What it is (are they all the same?), where it came from, how you saw the finished design already in the wood (yes, I've read that biography of Michelangelo!), something like that....
YvetteC2 Premium
Thank you for the kind words and your additions are great points, Tim.
bigrog44 Premium
I have to figure out how to get approved for a affiliate program.
RAFStuart Premium
Agree with Wendi, Yvette has some very valid points.
WendaSue Premium
Hi. I pretty much ditto exactly what Yvette recommended. Great idea.
YvetteC2 Premium
Is there a way for you to build content around your art? Perhaps include the inspiration behind it, the history of such pieces, what they mean, etc. Using keywords within the content is what Google likes.

Also using internal links is good. Maybe as you are building your content, use an internal link to the art piece you are referring to on your website.

Just some thoughts.

Have a great day and weekend.

codevonish Premium
Good tips; all the products are for sale, when they are sold i remove the prices and type sold at the top of the page.Does that mean the answer is No. ˆI add at least 3 to 4 products per week. That is a lot of writing. Can the writing be 100 words or less?