Since my website is very technical, all the images I need I can easily find them on Google image and download them. I know they could have author's rights but what could be the worst scenario if I use some of them for my website?

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marcho88 Premium
My suggestion is to use free images. If you are unable to find them, take pictures, and upload them.
Druiz77 Premium
Thanks for your help, Marcho88.
marcho88 Premium
These are free.

1. Pixabay -
2. Unsplash -
3. Pexels -
4. Life of Pix -
5. Gratisography -
6. Burst -
7. Stocksnap -
8. Picography -
9. Bucketlistly (Travel Photos) -
10. ISO Republic -
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - best case scenario, you will have the images removed by Google if the copyright owner requests it. Worst case, you will face legal action. A member here was fined $400 a few months ago for just one image.
Druiz77 Premium
Wow! that's crazy. Thank you, Diane for the info. I appreciate it.
Dwayne777 Premium

I am not really an expert in website content and policies (as I only started with WA two days ago), but i would rather play it safe and use images from the following sources, as described in the training:
Your own personal camera
Screenshots that you take
CC0 (Create Commons Zero Sites, free to use in any way you like)
Druiz77 Premium
Thank you for the wise advice and the links, Dwayne777, I appreciate it.
feigner Premium
do you mind being sued for thousands.....
if so then continue using them.
if you don't want that to happen then find another source.
i know of members who have been sued so....
have fun
Druiz77 Premium
May God push that suing spirit away from me! Thanks for your answer, Feigner