Hello Everyone,

Is anyone using this theme? I am having issue choosing what pages are displayed on the default menus across the top and down the side. These are the default menus that were there when I installed the theme. Every time I create a new page it automagically gets added to both of these menus and I do not want all pages on the menus.

I tried to make the pages private and then they do not show on the menus but then the pages will not display when I go to them directly.

See it in action at . . .


Scroll to the bottom and click on the policy links. You will get an "oops" message. Make them public and they automatically go to the menus which is not what I want.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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AbieAJ Premium Plus

Kyle uses the Hiero in the training.

That's themes support forum

AbieAJ Premium Plus
I clicked the GDPR | cookies bottom and no opps message, you may want to empty cache refresh your screen or try URL in a different browser.

You can go to Appearance > Menus and edit which order the menu is in.

. Hope this helps.
sejones2 Premium
Hi Abie,

Thank You for your reply.

The cookie button works fine but if you click/tap on either of the policy links all the way at the bottom of my pages this is where you will get the oops. Also, if you are logged into WordPress the policy pages may come up for you, they do for me when I am logged into WP on another tab.

I do not see where I can modify the menus but will check out the links that you provided.

Thanks Again
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Looks like you have fixed your issue.

Kindly let us know if you were to figure out your menus.

And no worries, you're very welcome.