I've just been reading online about many websites starting to get sued for large amounts due to being non-ADA compliant. Is anyone else use special widgets for ADA compliance? Is so, what do you use and how essential is this? Thoughts appreciated.

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feigner Premium
there is another version of a cheap software going around to try to get people to add this ADA compliance to their site for a fee...
as long as you take sensible action on your site...
you don't go for low contrast colours between background and text... images have alt text...
i know there is more to it than that....
but that will be a start...
if you want to then add a compliance statement that there is no audio version....
but it is the same as with shops, as long as you don't exclude anyone then you should be ok...
but as i am not a lawyer then get legal advice for the most comprehensive advice on this matter...
i hope you find the answer you are looking for
west2000 Premium
Hi Phil...thanks for your note. I appreciate your comments and thoughts.
west2000 Premium
Hi - thanks for sending the link. Interesting to read. Appreciate your thoughts :-)
AbieAJ Premium Plus
west2000 Premium
Hi. Thanks so much for this suggestion. Very helpful & much appreciated.