My SEO plugin is commenting about events taking place is it normal at this stage? 3 critical issues that I am being asked to attend pertaining to Wordpress configuration and I don't understand them at all a] plugins waiting to be updated b] themes waiting to be updated c] background updates are not working? Please assist. Thank you in advance.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Euphemia,

Go to your SiteManager, find the website you wish to log into > Click on the Log in button > Click on Pages > find the page you wish to edit > and when the Edit option is displayed as you mouseover the page title click on it > begin to edit your page...

Be sure to click the Update button once you are happy with you work.

Hope you find this helpful.
EuphemiaD2 Premium
Hie Triblu thanks in advance I was a bit low, you have surely raised my hopes.