This is a long shot but i offered feedback on a website that had youtube videos a out earning income 100% legit. But i cant find them because i accidently backed out of it could those who have those websites post here?

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DBlanchard Premium
I believe that your best option is what Abie told you to do. If you use Chrome or Edge Browser, click on those three little dots up in the top right-hand corner of your browser, and look up your browsing "history", you should be able to find where you were when you watched that Youtube video and offered feedback.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Good answer from Abie!
cryptees Premium
Actually I am subscribing them but I backed out too.
What I can say is sign up with VIMEO I have an account
with VIMEO. I am not yet using it with this activity. Previous
years yes, very handy and effective. Also with the
streaming I have an account with that.
To subscribe to is vey expensive.
Is up to you.
AbieAJ Premium
You may look in your browsers history, clicking the three dots for most browsers, provided you have not cleared your cache.