I really like the SKT themes, however, I cannot seem to be able to eliminate the Right sidebar, the widget area in will not accomplish this, when I go into the Theme and customize, to eliminate the right sidebar widgets it goes into default and automatically places two widgets there, any ideas. Thank you, Jack

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megawinner Premium
Hi Jack. Hope this may help:
MForstner Premium
Hi Jack,

I'm not an expert at that particular theme or the subject in general. It's not something most people work with on a daily basis. But you can try these two options.

You go to pages>edit any page and on right hand side under page attributes select template: Select the Full Width option and save.

The option is to go to Appearance>Widgets and drag and drop a new widget in main sidebar to replace what is shown in default on the sidebar.

Anyway, hope that helps.

570butlerjo Premium
Thank you, MFortstner, Jack
DynamicDavid Premium
I am not familiar with the SKT themes. However the theme (GeneratePress) I use allows me to set a default sidebar layout. Within the GeneratePress theme, select customize, than layout, then sidebar. The following options are available there. Content / Sidebar, Content (no sidebars), sidebar / content and a few other options. Maybe this option is available in SKT themes. Different themes have different ways into various customize options and have different customize options.
570butlerjo Premium
Than k you, Dynamic David, Jack