I would like to add a page to sell products on also. How would I do that please? Thank You All

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Jelisaveta Premium
What should I do first on my Web and how to plug in on?
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Tutorial You need to figure out your niche if not done so already

A niche subject is something you are passionate and genuinely interested in could be a hobby or an interest, and know so well you can write plenty original content about.

ONE niche, a website.

You may consult with https://answersocrates.com/ for further research into finding a subcategory starting out.

When deciding on a niche try narrow it down to a more specific niche, you can ask yourself the following question:

So I want to help people with ____________________ ?

Fill in the blank and you are going to get closer to a specific audience. Onward

Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.

In the first instance

Please follow the training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons. How to make money by Kyle Meanwhile I'd ask as many questions as I want to get clarifications,

Welcome to WA and our community.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You want to add a store to your blog, you are needing woocommerce plugin.
cvarr Premium
Thank You - I have indeed found Jays videos and they have been very helpful. I now have products on my site also. :)