Hi WA friends,

I need your advice about what would be the best course of action for me to take.

I have an existing website (I think it's about 1 year old) which I will be transferring to WA hosting.

The website needs a new theme and will be redesigned.

1) Should I delete the old website and build a new one from scratch?
2) Should I just change the theme and redesign the old website.
3) If I build a SiteRubix website and will I be able to replace the old website with it by transferring it to the old website's domain?

The website's url is http://drmanalyoussef.com.au/

I would really appreciate your help! Thank you! :)

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Mark1957 Premium
Good morning Sue
From an SEO point of view I would definitely keep all of the content and the domain name as both of those will have built up some traction over the last year.
From a technical viewpoint, I'd suggest you contact support for their input, for the definitive answer to your questions and to rely on them to get it right for you.
As for themes, you might be interested in the sort of thing suggested here.....


Disclaimer:- This is not an affiliate link, I have no relationship with the company linked to and no benefit would be derived by clicking the link.....it is simply placed here as an example.

Transferring the site to WA means you will be able to convert your URL to https for free as well which is something you should consider doing.

Good stuff Sue, hope your 90 plan is going well for you.

suetay Premium
Hey, Mark, thanks much for your valued comments.
Yes, I agree with what you have advised and was leaning towards keeping the original website.
I am now on Course 2 Lesson 2.
I started off well but have had a few days of not being able to do any of the lessons at all. It's been good to redo the training as there are some new stuff in there and it's a good refresher.
Hope you are going well? Please feel free to reach out to me whenever you feel there's a need.
Mark1957 Premium
Hi Sue, yes you're right, Kyle has updated a fair amount quite recently so it's absolutely right up to date stuff.
MKearns Premium
I'm interested in the answer to these questions. I am considering the same options in getting a site out of the clutches of Name cheap!
suetay Premium
Oh, OK. :)
Hope we will get some good answers from here later.
Otherwise, please feel free to copy and paste my question and ask again.
Maybe you will get more responses.