When I did my sitemap, I noticed I had 167 links to be crawled in Google Search Console. I wondered if I needed that many links to be crawled because I only have 12 posts to date, and 4 pages.
Then I just submitted a post to SiteComment and, in choosing from the drop down list of posts to request comments for, I'm seeing links to pages that, when I enter into my url box, returns with an error thatt they're not found.
These are links to plugins or images.
I also noticed that tags, categories, images, etc., are part of my sitemap.

My question is two part:
*How do I remove the blank links so that I don't see them in my SiteComment dropdown links?
*Is having all these SiteMap links to tags, categories, etc. essential? Do they harm ranking and SEO?

Some disclosure. I just moved my site to a new domain name as recommended by Kyle and another member here, for the purpose of getting better rankings. My previous site was indexed, the new URL is not indexed, according to the SiteRubix control panel in WA. However, I do notice that when I do a Site:Search in google, my site is on the first page.

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Robert-A Premium
Webmasters will list everything once your submit your sitemap and this is a good thing because you can get ranked with a category or keyword or image etc etc.

As for your 404's this could mean a number oif things and not related.
You should do a broken link check and find out where they are coming from.

Here is the tool that will do that for you.
it could take a while but well worth it.


AdeRobinson Premium
Thanks, Robert.
I did as you said. I found 4 broken links.
3 of them reported as bad links. These are links in my comments. One was 404 error for a category that no longer exists.

Do you know how I fix these?
Also, let me upload an image of what I was talking about in SiteComment.
As you can see, there are options to request comments for pages such as Pop Up, Enterprise Theme, Default Theme, etc.
I don't think that they should be displayed. How do I remove them?
Thanks again, hope you can help, or point me in the right direction.
Robert-A Premium
Those are in your WA and I don't think you can remove them.
You could ask Tech Support about them though.

You should have a list of the broken links in your results.
When you click on - src - it will show you where on your site the error is.
You go into your site and fix it.
Without more info that's all I can tell you.

The category mistake must still be there or it woul;d not have brought it up. Find it and delete it completely and I do mean all trace.

If there are comments then its a simple thing to go into your comments page and copy/paste whatever was in the Broken Link page and it will bring it up.
You can either corect it or delete it altogether.