I have activated my google adsense but when I visit my website there are a fair few ads scattered through posts and 1 on the homes page.

Is there a way to limit these and where they do and dont appear or is that up to google?



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feigner Premium
if you selected auto insertion then nope
there should be other options and using a plugin like ad inserter you should be able to make ad blocks and insert them where ever you want...
google still needs to add some ads automatically....
my info is old poss as i don't use adsense....not a monetisation method i wanted to use...
Apples64 Premium
Yeah I feel the same Phil so I have simply disabled it. Im happy now lol..
feigner Premium
i think historically that google may have ranked you slightly higher if you had adsense ( as google would get money if visitors clicked through)
but now as they are seperate companies and almsot competing with each other then i think i would rather side with google the search engine...as that is what will bring me free traffic....
GeoffreyC1 Premium
I don't use it, but I thought you could decide where the ads appeared.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may use the Ad Inserter plugin to organize your ads