Well it apprears that I have recovered my domain which was purchased prior to joining WA. It is now directed to the WA servers but blank, although indexed.

The site is individualizedfreedom.com. As I was waiting to regain control I began working on a free site here on WA. As I am sure a duplicated site is not desirable should I migrate the free WA site to my domain and close the free one?

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Labman Premium Plus
Yes, that would be a good way to proceed. There is a move button inside the site manager to make this migration simple.
merlynmac Premium
Just go to Websites > Site Manager and click on the Details button for your new domain site. Scroll to the bottom and select the Delete option.

Once the site is deleted, return to Websites > Site Manager and click on the Move button for the free site. Choose To a Domain I own and choose the domain from the pull-down menu. Complete the move.

Now your free site will be on the domain and the old SiteRubix URL will have a forward added to automatically redirect visitors to the new URL.