Hi guys,

I need some assistance, what process should I follow to migrate a website from WA to another domain? Support hasn't responded and it's been a while now.

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megawinner Premium
Hi Miyelani! ⭐🌈 👍🥇

Purchase the hosting, say, at Bluehost. Ensure you install ManageWP on your old website. Then login into your new Bluehost account. And then, set up WordPress. After that install ManageWP on your new website. And then transfer or clone your old website to the new using ManageWP. Finally, change DNS in order to have your domain name pointing to the new hosting.

psybaloyi Premium
Thank you so much, you saved me. I managed to migrate it :D

Any advice on how I can change the DNS?
MarionBlack Premium
I have full instructions for you at marionblackonline.com/move