I feel as if this answer is right under my nose, but this is about my email subscribers. Currently, I am using SumoMe for email collection but do not yet have a subscription service. I am thinking of going with MailChimp but have been waiting on my list to grow before paying for a service.

My question is, if a reader asks (for example.. in my comments) to become a subscriber - and they have already closed out of the pop-up - is there a way to link them to a form after the fact? Or does SumoMe not offer this as an option?

I suppose I could always have the pop-up show when they are leaving my site rather than the way I have it now, but I would love if there was a way to link them to a form in some way or another...

Any ideas?

Thanks so much,

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KDeJesus Premium
I just found a plugin for email and social icons that let you have them in the sidebar plus a pop at the bottom of the page where they can sign up for emails.
Plugin is Ultimate Social Media Icons. Not sure if this help your situation, but it worth a look see.
TravelCarrot Premium
Hi Kelly,
Thanks! I will also check that out as well. :)

MoritzS Premium
I don't know about SumoMe, but maybe they have a form you can add to your sidebar?
I am using MadMimi at the moment and just added a sign-up form to my sidebar.

That way they can join your list whenever they want.

TravelCarrot Premium
Hi Moritz,
My theme actually has this as a widget (a place for subscribers to sign up), however it asks for a mail subscription service URL.

I have not heard of MadMimi, I will look into that, thank you.