Hey WA team!

I need some advice from the more experienced WA members on this one. I am in a position where I can invest about 3 grand in a website but what would YOU spend it on?

Let's assume for arguments sake that I am confident and able to maintain and write good quality content which ranks well.

Which aspects are most important to invest in?

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KD6PAO Premium
Advertising and build your email list...
Cheers, Joe
CarlaIves Premium
Advertising, as in a good PPC campaign.
Loes Premium
I would PM Nathaniell for advice, if I had this question:)
DoubleTap Premium
Absolutely... PM Nathaniell, Jay, Labman or Welshy... also Beverley!
Personally, I would make sure I'm at Premium status here at WA, have Jaaxy, have a great theme and a great auto responder. Then I'd temporarily bank the remainder while I go through all of the available lessons, making sure that I totally understand PPC campaigning and once I'm comfortable with PPC, I'd probably spend a wee bit on it, taking it nice and slow.

Nathaniell and christopherM are both very savvy in PPC and would be your best bet for learning the ropes in that arena!

Best of luck, partner!
Shawn Martin Premium
If the site and content are up to snuff and everything is ranking OK I would concentrate on advertising.
bran70 Premium
I would spend some of it on social marketing and ad marketing like on google and Bing there is some new lessons about make converting ads here https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wa-affiliate-bootcamp-how-to-scale-successful-ppc-campaigns-phase-7