I have just downloaded FileZilla on my MacBook and I am at the first stage of finding how to give FileZilla access to my directories. It is promoting me to 'add directory', which takes me to my local data directory on my Macintosh HD Location, I am just not sure where to go after that. At a guess, I am thinking it is Users - Shared - Public, but the folder is empty, is that correct?

The videos I have watched, does not have this stage and just opens automatically, so I am not sure why I get the long version lol.

I am a complete novice regarding the tech development side as design is my area, please share your tech wisdom :)

Thank you


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megawinner Premium
Hi, I see many answers here already. All the best. Florentino
MarionBlack Premium
FileZilla shows you file directories in 2 windows; one is for your own computer and the other is for your website.
AndrewMichae Premium
Hi Clarissa,
Wondering if you've just watched video from WA? Sometimes you can get more in depth coverage of a concept or software searching YouTube.

Hope this helps

All the best
ClarissaK Premium
Hi Andrew, thank you for your reply.

Yes, I have had a look and they are based on the following steps being applicable:

1. Open FileZilla

2. Click File => Site Manager

The issue I am having is that the only option I am given is to 'add directory' and when I click it, it goes to my Macintosh folder. I am not sure how to connect it to a server or public files this way. I will continue this research tomorrow as it is 3:30am lol. I almost lost a large piece of work that I was working on for my website today so I need to back it all up asap lol. I'll get there eventually. Thanks again for your reply.

Kind regards