Google console lately returned me a "Parsing error" for my sitemap xml "All In One SEO".

Details: We were unable to read your Sitemap. It may contain an entry we are unable to recognize. Please validate your Sitemap before resubmitting.

When I checked my site's sitemap at, it a see a blank page.

I'v been trying to figure out how to fix this.

The only thing I think could've caused this error is recently when I added some banner ads from my advertisers on my home page. When I saw that it caused errors within Google Console, I removed them. But now, related or now, I have a blank sitemap.

Please help!

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SRHSoulja Premium
I had this problem with one out of 3 of my sites. Could not track down what was particularly causing it but did find a work around. I deactivated the sitemap feature in the all-in-one then I downloaded an XML sitemap seperately. Utilized the separate XML Plugin to build the sitemap and it worked.
Hope this may help.
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AdeRobinson Premium
Thanks. I'll try to find a workaround that doesn't involve me adding another plugin.
Thanks for responding.