Does anyone know of a simple plug in with a widget that lets you display things in just one category? I've looked into a bunch of them. Some of them require some pretty significant code changes. Others display stuff that I don't need, like author and date of publication (I just need a list of my product reviews which is easy to navigate).

GeneratePress does come with an HTML plugin which might do the trick, but am looking for something simpler.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I might use one of these answers in one of my sites, Terry! Thanks for asking the question!

richardgb Premium
Hi Terry
You can set it up as a simple menu item if you wish.

If you add the URL for the category as a Custom Link to a Menu Item that is the Category name, you can position the new menu item where you like (within the footer, header, sidebar menu etc). Clicking the menu item will bring up the list of posts held within that category.

If you need more info please ask. I’m on iphone at the moment. Will give more info when I get to the computer if required.
tdbabineaux Premium
Thanks. Hadn't thought of that.
feigner Premium
why not create a page in the block editor and add a category post carousel
and have the page link in your menu
you may need a plugin to have a post carousel block
but other than that no plugins....
and you get to style the page as you want ...added seo for that page....
i hope you find the answer you are looking for
tdbabineaux Premium