How to I set up comments so that if the commentator wishes, they can be notified of answers and extra comments to a post they have already commented on?

I have seen that on some site but doesn't seem to be on mine.


Thanks Mark

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MarkPerkins Premium
Had a rethink on this one and have added a widget to do the job.

I am commenting on a lot of other WA members posts and asking genuine questions.

As we are all flat out promoting our site etc, I lose track of the posts I would like an answer from my post question.

Hence why I have installed the widget, as i feel others may also like to know if I have answered their questions on my posts.

Oyz49 Premium
Good question and a very good answer.
onmyownterms Premium
They would have to enter their email into their comment, but most people will not do so. I can try to scrounge up how to do it, but I abandoned that technique on my sites long ago. Let me know if you want me to dig further.
MarkPerkins Premium
No all good thanks