I am sure that there is a topic on here, however, I can't find it. But my site health won't go up and when I look at it, it is because of "quality content" and then says the 1500 words etc. But my site is a store... so how do you make that meter go up on a store site? You would think that the images and such would count, but apparently they do not!

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LouisaB Premium
Perhaps you can make your meter go up on your store site by writing quality content weekly or daily, and base the topic on up coming trends or a new product or price drop. Something that will most certainly strike their interest.
mikewood1975 Premium
Quality content and you will get comments on posts. You may want to put some in that describes the types of items you sell.
mrronnie Premium
As some of the others have mentioned - better product descriptions and reviews of what you're selling should help to boost your site health ;)
feigner Premium
are you starting a blog on your store?
If not why would people order from you organically?
What organic traffic do you expect for your store.
aren't stores usually fed from paid traffic so why are you interested in organic traffic until you are known?
debcarr Premium
You need to write content like product reviews. Google looks for quality content that is informative. Have you considered writing blog posts as part of your store site? This would help a lot.
tommysedge Premium
You could write product descriptions in each product, perhaps in the form of a review?