I watched some of Magistudios training and he told me to use the "Sections" area, but that doesn't see to exist anymore. Is there any newer training on this. I don't have the Generate Blocks either. Do I need that?

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richardgb Premium
feigner Premium
it is called patterns now ...
if you are in the block editor and click on the + to select a new block...
click on patterns ...
and where it says columns...it drops down for you to select hero....
good luck
Jaz333 Premium
Hi .. The documentation page for Generate Press is amazing. I have learned a ton from watching various tutorials there. You can find one for adding a Hero Image in GP here:

Here is a link to the main documentation page:

You do not need Generate Blocks but if you use the block editor it can definitely come in handy. There is a free version and a pro version of Generate Blocks.

Good luck, Shannon
jghwebbrand Premium
You may not want to do any coding, but here is an option.