Hi there, I have been following the training and I have some few questions to ask.
1- Suppose you have many niches do u creat different websites for those niches or you will use one websits for all those niches? If the answer is a niche per website does it mean that each website should have a domain name?

2- If you have not yet been indexed by Google and as a beginner you have just one website and you need to write 15 articles, does it mean that you have to creat different websits for these 15 articles or just one website for all these articles while waiting for your website to be indexed by Google. Because I have not yet been indexed by Google and I have just one website. Each time I write an article, SEO tells me I don't have any key word.

3- About advertisements sites while waiting for your website to be indexed in Google can one add adverts and affiliates links?

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YvonneBray Premium
Good question, looks like you have answers below.
ParthaB Premium
Hi Niba,

I'll echo what Diane has said, and she has provided the perfect explanation to your questions.

Here's some additional factors to consider.

Okay, the potential to run numerous websites is one that is chosen by many people.

However, it also only takes one website to be truly successful.

My advice for anyone new and just starting out is to ALWAYS start out with just one website.

This website and the niche you choose (in my mind) should be something that you have a great deal of interest in.

You don't have to be an expert, but I feel it should be around a subject that you really enjoy reading about and researching.

In terms of niche websites, you will need to really narrow down your target audience.

There's no point in starting a website on "Weight Loss" as you're competing against websites that have been around for 20+ years and probably have in excess of 10,000 articles.

So, you could be better off focusing on a much more narrowed down niche like "How to Lose Belly Fat After Giving Birth" (although even this will still be very competitive).

It's the same for any subject matter you choose.

"Home and Garden" is too broad a niche - "How to Soundproof Your Study" is better.

"How to Make Money Online" is too broad - "How to Earn $500 a Month as a Single Mum" is better.

"Dating" too broad - "How to Find a New Partner After a Divorce" better.

The point being is that you really want to narrow down your niche as much as possible, but not so much that you run out of things to say and write.

So, pick one niche (something of interest preferably) and solely concentrate of that.

Once you have learned the ropes, and are producing traffic, sales, etc. I see nothing wrong with starting another website in another niche. This just depends on how well you can handle the workload.

As for "indexing" for a new website this will typically take some time, potentially a few weeks. You can speed the process up through requesting indexing through Google Search Console once you have this set up.

However, in reality as your website ages and you add more-and-more content you will get indexed faster and faster.

I now find that most of my articles are indexed within a few minutes or hours of publishing them.

It's important to remember that indexing simply means "Google is now aware that this article exists".

This doesn't automatically mean that the article will rank.

It doesn't automatically mean that the article will receive traffic.

It doesn't mean that the article will automatically produce sales.

It could be weeks and months before an article ranks in the search engines.

Once again, this process speeds up the older your website is and the more content it has.

Basically, Google loves age and consistency.

From an ads and affiliate point of view, in my honest opinion this comes far too early in the training.

The whole point in creating a wesbite is to be as helpful as possible to the people in your niche.

Yes, our eventual aim is to earn money.

However, you'll do very little to earn the respect of Google and your potential readers by promoting anything and everything straight away.

For me, I don't even worry about adding any form of monetization to a website until it is at 3-4 months old, and has around 50-60 articles.

I may write product reviews in this time, but I prefer the first 30 articles to be solely informational, and as helpful as I can possibly be.

The only time I would be promoting on a website from day one, is if the website is in a niche that I already have a following within, i.e. email subscribers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram fans and followers.

You must remember that you have the potential to build a business that can provide you security and income for life.

However, very few businesses, offline or online, provide life-changing returns in the first few months (and usually the first few years).

That's not to say it can't happen.

How quickly and how much of a "success" you become depends very much on you.

You have everything you will ever need here at WA to be a success.

Just be willing to work hard and look at this as a non-stop learning journey.

As for your SEO plugin saying you don't have any keyword?

You'll see a section just after the meta description, which says "Focus Keyword" - just type in your keyword in there and press enter.

The SEO plugin will then know what keyword your article is targeted to.

Hope that helps.

countrylife Premium
Hello "The Annoyance Prince" - my Hero and thank you.
Wow that's really an amazing read, I figured some of it but not all, it is always great to learn more.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - each website should only have one niche. You would need to set up a different domain name for each one. However, as you have to continually maintain a website by adding 2 or 3 articles to it every week, it can be quite challenging to research and write for more than one website.

Indexing happens automatically and can take several weeks. It is not dependant on the number of articles the website has. Indexing simply means that Google has found your website and added it to its search engine. Following on from that, each article you write will be indexed individually.

As a beginner, it is recommended that you only work on one website, focused on a narrow, specific niche subject. All the articles you write will be based on your niche and added to that one website. If you are using the All in One SEO plugin, then there is a section where you add the keyword you have chosen.

It is far too early for you to apply to join affiliate programs. They will inspect your website and expect to see lots of original, written content before they approve your application. At this early stage, you need to concentrate on writing as much content for your website as you can.
GontseM Premium
I'm a newbie here and from my understanding so far is that yes you have to have a specific niche website. And if you are interested in other niches you can have a different website for it and apply what you have learnt to grow your other website
Niba1992 Premium Plus
Does that mean I need 15 websites for those 15 articles as a beginner?
GontseM Premium
I don't want to mislead you
But it is recommended to focus on one website before you think of having any other website
So it's best you learn with one website focus on putting much content on it and growing it . That is what I'm currently doing
MElamin Premium
You don't need 15 websites for 15 articles because with one website you can have many articles as you like, but focus on one niche on one website.