I updated my post on the web content but when i go into my website the images are not coming out and the additional content I wrote either

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Good answers here, Miguel!

Mickey1452 Premium
Thanks guys next time I'll make sure to do it on the wordpress but since I did the update on site content is there a way I can save it into my website
AparnaBansal Premium
U can't save it directly.
you could just copy the whole thing from Site content,
go to the WordPress Admin area,
open your particular post,
delete the earlier content,
and paste this amended content.
That way u won't have to redo everything.
EmakAmelia Premium
Once you have published an article via the Site Content, future edits should be done in your WordPress edit panel.

You can find image resources in this blog post: Next time when you want to add images, it's much easier to do it in the Site Content before you click on the Publish button. WA Site Content is integrated with pexels.com, unsplash.com, pixabay.com, therefore we can get around 1 Millions of images to choose from.
BrightSales Premium
Follow the steps by Palatia and you'll be set. All the best!
Palatia Premium
To edit or add images, log into your Wordpress Dashboard (websites > Login). Then you can edit posts and add images there. Look for the Add Media button while editing. Then you can upload to your media library for your site and place them in your posts where you want them.