I am building a new site to put all the Walking Tracks my 82 year old father-in-law has developed over the last 30 years online. I will include photos', GoPro Video footage, Description and also a GPS generated map - using my running GPS Watch.

My question:

Does anyone know the best way to take the exact GPS tracking information from my watch Software and load it integrated into say Google Maps?

Or is there a better way of accomplishing this task?

I would love some ideas / training / plug-in recommendations etc to help me with this technical aspect.

My aim is to extend the website to other tracks in our great city and make it a really useful resource for people wanting to get out and about.

Thanks - in anticipation.


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Harrysastar2 Premium
Depending on the make, there should be a USB connection, normally on the back of the watch, where you can download the information to your computer, the instruction manual should tell you how to proceed. If you haven't got one you should be able to download one on the net.

If you are going to use this info commercially I would be careful you're not violating copyright or intellectual property rights of the watch manufacturer, software developer or Google Maps. If this information is for personal use only offering attribution may sway them in letting you use it commercially.
rwagener Premium
Thanks for the feedback. I am already very familiar with downloading the data into the appropriate software. My issue is how to integrate it on my website with Google Maps so others can make use of it. I know Google let you do this no problem - it is just - what is the best way?