Hello, Flex Offers affiliate program is having my upload and HTML file onto my website to verify I am the owner. Is this normal? If so, I have no idea where to even upload it. It's suggested on the homepage, but still don't really know where on the home page. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Newme202 Premium
You can verify your website by putting the code either into the general settings of your AIOSEI.

Click on AIOSEO
Go to settings then webmaster and scroll down to miscellaneous

You can put your code in and then click save

Or you can download the As inserter plugin and put your code there as well

Let me know how you get on
JoeRebisz Premium
Neuman Premium
Thank you! I will check it out. :)
Neuman Premium
Hey, thank you so much!
countrylife Premium
You're welcome.