I would like to get a training video on how to upload a video of myself to one of my post on my site. Any suggestions or videos that will assist me? Many thanks for the continued support!

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Krana1 Premium
Just edit title pages on editor
merlynmac Premium
I don't have a video for you but have you considered setting up a YouTube account, uploading and sharing your video there and then using the embed code in your site? That's how I get video into my posts.
GeeEss Premium
It is the same as uploading pictures.
smartketeer Premium
You can upload it as a regular media file ... Just as you would upload an image

But you might have problems if is too big (as far as I know the max file size upload limit is 32MB) ... which would require FTP

Also, video files could slow down your site ...

The common solution is to embed videos uploaded to other third party servers for example YouTube

See this