I went into google analytics this morning and was so happy to find that the number of organic traffic had gone up. However, it was all thanks to sharebutton.to.... I'm reading online and it is a spamming website.

How do I stop this spamming access to my website?

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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MarlaineB Premium
Same problem here, today! Must be some busy spammers out there.
Thanks for asking this question. I'm so glad to have a community where answers are right at your fingertips to this type of issue!
carlosea Premium
This type of traffic is known as Ghost, you may see it as a referral, keyword and even as a fake page.

You can easily prevent this fake traffic by creating a filter. In this page, you can find more information and detailed instructions to create this filter.

Hope it helps,
Boothe Premium
I'm not sure there is a way to prevent this... but I think Google will probably catch on eventually.