I have three websites that are currently hosted elsewhere. They are hosted under a Reseller account. There are two blogs and a forum. I use CPanel to administer them, so a backup is easy to do for each.

The Reseller account is costing me about $45 a month, so I want to move them here.

Is there a training document to guide me through this? I’d also intend transfering the domain names as well.



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Triblu Premium
Hey Dave,

Here's how to make sure ALL of your content gets moved in tact: though the member who created this training is no longer here, her training is EXCELLENT.

And here's how to transfer your site: Hope you find this helpful.
TheCatherine Premium
the only thing to bear in mind if you use the export and import option I would download all the media separately. Sometimes images get lost. It's always a good idea to have backup of images anyway. It's an easy process just have a look at Marion's training
merlynmac Premium
I haven't done it myself but I believe Site Support will help or possibly move it for you. I'd reach out to them and see.
beachwood Premium
Here is some training from MarionBlack that may help and SiteSupport is there for you as well.