I am having a difficult time trying to figure out why my 'Main Menu' is not accessible when on a cell phone. When I reached out to SiteSupport, I got the 'try a different theme' spiel again.

I've received that email 4 or 5 times now when I've had a tech issue. I do not have the time nor the patience to change themes once again. I've changed themes way too many times because they have asked me to try it, which causes me to reconfigure the whole website all over again.

There's got to be another way... Does anyone know how I can make sure my Main Menu on my site is accessible when viewing my site on a cell phone? I can see it fine on tablets and computers, but not phones.

Thanks guys!


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Kickbacked Premium
Hi Becca

Look for a theme which is called responsive! Here are a couple of examples such as Catch22 or OceanWA.

A great tool to use is a plugin called Elementor, which allows you to see how your themes are displayed when working on them.

TeamIceCream Premium
Awww 'Becca, I'm so sorry to hear that you are STILL battling this beast! I can't help with your problem, but I'm sending you an e-hug! ;-)
Loes Premium
Try this plugin, it works fine for me
TimMcKinlay Premium
I know you probably don't want to here this again, going from your post here, but unless you know how to mess with PHP or CSS, then the easiest and best solution is going to be changing themes.

There are many mobile responsive themes to choose from. It's a matter of 'Googling' something like "best free mobile responsive WP themes". It might pay to make sure it's mobile responsive before messing with any other configs too. This way you will save some time.

Hope this helps :)
phoeby123 Premium
To ensure main menu is accessible via mobiles, you need a Mobile friendly theme - https://colorlib.com/wp/mobile-friendly-wordpress-themes/