I'm curious, is there a program or a place in google or maybe in our platform where I can see exactly which of my articles in my website are being ranked in google? In the site manager, in the health of my website I see that I am ranked in google, but i don't know which articles exactly are being ranked.

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marcho88 Premium
Just goto google to search for your keywords. Unlikely you will be ranked if you are new or has little content. Marc.
ViktorDigit Premium
Thank you for the answer
boomergp08 Premium
That is actually an indication that you have been Indexed. It says, Google Ranked: Is your website indexed in Google .com?

If your website is less than a month old, your rankings will be too low for you to find them at this time. I would wait about a month before you start looking.

Then you can either search your keywords and domain in the Jaaxy Site Ranking feature, which will show you if you are on page 1 or you can search in Google.