So Im having problems with the permalink structure in google analytics. I currently have the permalink set to "post-name". My URL for my site is "" in my wordpress account but the way google reads it it looks like this "" or . The way google sees it its a 404 page for every page it sees. How do I get google analytics to read my URL correctly? Ive tried the custom one but it just goes back to post-name as soon as I press the button. I just want to get rid of my site name at the end. It seems redundant to me.

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MarionBlack Premium
Hi James,
I just ran a check on your website in and it looks like you may have All in One SEO installed twice. If you have then perhaps having the second instance is causing your analytics issue. Just deactivate one of them and then delete it.

Also check that you have "postname" selected in Settings > Permalinks and also check in All in One to make sure that the correct Permalink is selected.

This may help too If you're still stuck send me a private message with your login details and I'll go in and have a look.

judebanks Premium
I notice that your home page is a static page, which is fine.

But you don't have a blogroll page. You have a category called blog, but Analytics might not see that as a blogroll, merely a category. I'm not sure but that could be the cause of the 404s - the bots are not finding your blogroll.

To remedy, add a new page to your site and name it "Blog".
The URL in the menu field should be
http: // yourdomain dot com/blog

Next, add the page or drag it across in the menu section so that it shows in your top menu list. When visitors click on the Blog menu tab, they will see your blogroll.

When that looks okay, you can remove the 'blog' as as category, including from the sidebar. If you wish, you can add the Recent Posts links in the right sidebar from the widget section by selecting the recent posts widget.

You can also try this:

1. Go to your GA account
2. Select Admin
3. Select View Settings (3rd column - All Website Settings)
4. Scroll down to Default page field.
5. If the default page field shows your domain URL, remove it and instead insert this: index.html.

Then mark as fixed and delete all your 404s.

Analytics will not change anything going backwards, so it might take a while for you to see if any of the above has corrected the issue. Let us know. ~Jude
ValerieJoy Premium
I've had a look at your site and all the URLs are fine. As you say those errors 404s. I wonder why you would want to get rid of your site.

I use the 'Redirection' plugin to remedy 404 pages and that is what I recommend you do.

'Redirection' is simple to use. If I can help you further feel free to contact me by PM.
WheelerJA119 Premium
Haha im not trying to get rid of my site just the name at the end of the url. And I'll look into that plugin
ValerieJoy Premium
That's great news. Too anxious to help you and didn't read that sentence to the end!!

All the best with the plugin.