I would like to delete my website and start over. Want to keep same .com address.

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phil1944 Premium
Click on Websites >> Site Manager >> Details. Scroll right down to the bottom and click the Delete Website button. Then you can build a new website on the same domain name.
Atlas01 Premium
Does deleting delete all the existing posts?
phil1944 Premium
Yes, it deletes the entire contents of the site, including posts, pages and menus. It's as if the site never existed.

Why do you need to delete the site, rather than installing a new theme and/or making other changes?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
To delete a siterubix subdomain | dot com, click details on subdomain | dot com domain in question in site manager, onward next page scroll all the way to the bottom and click delete.


Then you may go to Site Builder


Choose a free domain, domain you own or register new, enter credentials and follow procedure.