Me website needs to have a subheading or an H2 but I don't know how to add one.

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KatieMac Premium
h2 heading can be found in your page where you create or edit a post on the left you will see it says paragraph click there and it gives you the various headings
billybons Premium
Yeah, Laurafreedom and Tyler have covered it.
stephhill Premium
You can refer to my training on HTML here:
laurafreedom Premium
Are you referring to a page or post or are you referring to a tagline for your website? If you want to add an H2 to a page or post, click on paragraph and choose H2.
If you're referring to a tagline, go to appearance-general and add a tagline.

Hope this helps.
Tyler96 Premium
Go into your post editor and click the little drop down tab where it says paragraph and you should see where it'll give you the option to make H2 heading.
TDeYoung Premium
It worked! It was easy once you both explained it! I'm sure it was in the training, but I didn't remember it.

Thanks so much!