So I checked out my site health threw WA (never thought off checking it here )

I know I need to work on publishing frequency, but I am still spending a lot off time on learning, going threw the lessons and seminars etc. I am sure that will get better soon ;-) Also, I have another job , so maybe I should here and there pay someone to write for me.

Anyway, what was clearly in red, is the plugins section. Not more then 5 the results say. But, I never install a plugin that isn't recommended here in the lessons or seminars, so I think most off them should be usefull ?

How can I find out wich ones I can delete please ?

Also, the engagement thing, I always ask at the least 2 comments on every post, but some of them, if not most, don't require an answer or are badly written and thus I never replie to those. Should I just keep asking for comments and see if I get a nice one, where I can give a decent answer ? Or maybe even just always answer and say something like : 'thank you for your comment, have a nice day' ? Or something ?

thanks !

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cbmercado Premium
It's kind of a educated guess on what plugins to keep and get rid of. What I do is deactivate, not uninstall a plugin to see what will happen. I look at how my site operates and does it slow down the site performance and then I decide if I really need it. When I find a plugin that can be removed is when I decide to uninstall it. Hope this helps.
HildeRegine Premium
I have the same problem. The Wordpress site comes with All in one SEO, Classic editor and Kraken Io. You want to keep these.

It is recommended to not have more than 5- plugins. I have more. I have 16 plugins and I use them all. Remove the ones you do not need. I have pretty links, Mailpoet,Coontent protection plugin, Asset cleanup,BJ lazy load, Cookie notice, Hootkit, Exclude from pages plugin, Social media Icons plugin and WP product review.

I totally agree with you that some comments are real low quality and some are generic = Almost the same text every time.

Just disapprove the ones that are like that and you will automatically get a new comment. I have also experienced once that the new comment is low quality too,

It is the only way people will write better comments.
ChrystopherJ Premium
Don't worry about the plugins, if they are all recommended and used plugins, then they are ok. I have never run a website with 5 or less plugins and it does not affect your speed*

*If they are the right plugins, I.e. Popular, well maintained, well coded etc.