i have a website for visual design i created on Wix website but after registering my domain name it doesnt show up and asks me to pick a template to build a website why?

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Googlmans Premium
Hi, I replied to your PM. I hope it answers your question although it may not be the answer you're looking for.
I wrote a post about Wix pros/cons of Wix website builder here ==> https://affiliatewealthauthority.com/what-is-the-best-website-builder-for-affiliate-marketers#tab-con-2
hutchings Premium
Thank you for responding so quickly Roy.
i am so disappointed ive spent weeeks creating and edting in my spare time to develop that template website . rlly dont want to have to start all over again.. ughh
Alan Hocking Premium
If the site is still new you'll probably find it easier to just build it again using WordPress
Alan Hocking Premium
Wix and WordPress are completely different

Your Wix website needs to be converted to WordPress and then all the files transfered over to your new domain a process that is not very straightforward.

I would try contacting Site Support and see if they can help you