Hello everyone in the lessons it shows how you can create with the SiteRubix but i want my own domain name how can I do it as a Premium member?

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pparadise Premium
You have to get it from example Godaddy and they can transfer it to wa. You will see your domain, but it would forward to wa.
HarveyBrown Premium
The domain name should reflect what your niche is about. Once you have that and you are a Premium member you have access to something like 25 free and 25 subscribe domains. What you have to determine is whether the name you have chosen is available as a .com or .org.If it is available you purchase and you are on your way.
Vetinari Premium
Under SiteRubix select domains and there you can either find and buy your own domain or import one if you already own it. Not sure if that answers your questioner not.