I have just gone through a tutorial on organizing and optimizing my website . Everything has gone well except my Home Page icon has disappeared. It seems the section highlighted in blue has replaced it. Also 1 page from Important Pages on the side bar is duplicating a page on the custom menu. I have gone through the tutorial over and over again but I am failing to get my head around this.

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ZEGU Premium
Thank you so much for the invaluable support. The problem is now sorted.
paulgoodwin Premium
This has happen to me twice and I just gave up as no time to mess with it so if anyone finds s solution please let me know
grampamike Premium
Be sure to keep your browser temp files, cookies, and cached files cleared.

Often when things go funny in the site editor or website it is sometimes the fault of your browser.

I use cCleaner periodically throughout the day to keep my browser clean. What I thought was an editor problem turned out to be a browser problem. Clean the browser history files and poof everything looks okay.

Another trick I use is a cache plugin. I use ZenCache. It keeps the page load speed faster on your website.

More importantly, if things don't appear right then you can clear your website cache and problems disappear because browsers won't locate the historical version of your website cached pages.

ZenCache doesn't erase your web pages. Just the history of your web pages which you have changed.