Last week all was ok with my site kit. I have been gone a few days, Have not changed anything yet this is what I get when I try to check out site kit. So I reconnected, says everything is good and a couple minutes later - get this again. I have gone through this process at least twice. Can someone check if things are ok with my site. I did have trouble with people signing themselves up as editors on my site and although I see no changes that they made, maybe they did? Please advise. Thank You


Reconnect Site Kit

Looks like the URL of your site has changed. In order to continue using Site Kit, you'll need to reconnect, so that your plugin settings are updated with the new URL.

Your site may not be ready for Site Kit

Looks like you may be using a caching plugin which could interfere with setup. Please deactivate any caching plugins before setting up Site Kit. You may reactivate them once setup has been completed.

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richardgb Premium
Hi Connie
If it was my site I’d remove the plugin and reinstall it. If tgat didn't work I’d ask tech support for help.
YvonneBray Premium
I've never used the Site kit sorry I'm not helpful.
JoeRebisz Premium
Really don't much about site kit plugin, although it was recommended by one of our experts here not to use it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help than that.