I have an existing website hosted on Hostmonster. I have been thinking of moving to a different host for some time, but have been told that moving hosts can affect Google ranking. So my question is two-fold:
1. Does anyone have any experience of moving an established website to a different host - and if so did it affect your ranking?
2. Does anyone have any experience of moving an existing website to WA and if so how are you finding it?
Part of my reason for wanting to move is that the SSL certificates and site security are included in the monthly membership and these two costs alone spread across 2 or 3 websites, makes membership very affordable.
I'd really be grateful to hear what others have experienced.

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Dale123 Premium
Providing the move is done properly & the new host is not excessively slow it wont have any impact whatsoever. It'll be "seamless" in the background - search engines wont care.

SiteSupport can help you move a site here.
TracyPalazzo Premium
Thanks Dale