when will i see google index change. It says No?

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TheAbie Premium Plus
It takes a good two weeks for your site to get indexed in Google you'd receive an email notificaiton when this happens.

You can also input in Google site:[domain].com - of course replacing domain with yours.
jghwebbrand Premium
Google decides its crawling schedule and you cannot tell it when to crawl. We have seen some wait a few weeks and then have 15 to index and google does it all at once so the best thing you can do is be passionate about helping people with your niche - answer their questions and provide solutions via your posts. Don't forget to include a lot of informational posts. They grow your traffic.

Be patient. Get your readers interested in what you have to say and they will follow you. Things will come together. It can take a couple of months even before your traffic starts to build. That is why writing more blogs is helpful.
feigner Premium
it can take two to three weeks for google to come crawling your site...
the best thing to do is to carry on creating content and google will see that you are serious about setting up a business...
remember you are creating content for your visitors not google....it is your visitors that will eventually pay the bills not google...
so make sure you market your content and don't just rely on google traffic....
Lildelos721 Premium
Thank you for the info. Im not in a rush to see things moving. but i just want to see some change. Since i have spent dollars for programs that never worked. WA seems very promising so im gonna stick it out.

Patient it works. so they say and i will prove.
feigner Premium
follow the training ...add you site for review ( one of the reason is that you get a link on a high authority site for google to follow) and ask for comments on posts or feedback....
all of these help with adding external links to your site...
phil1944 Premium
The Google index updates when Googlebot crawls your website. This happens automatically (eventually) but you can speed it up by submitting your posts and pages to GSC (Google Search Console).