Hi Family,

I am uploading 13 video files via FTP and the file name along with the download link is matched.

When I tested the download links out, it comes as:

Too many requests

And video does not load.

Why is this happening?

Can anyone please advice me. By the way the video file are not zipped.


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Dorrie1 Premium
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Triblu Premium
Hey Chigs,

It sounds like you are trying to upload those video files to your website. If your site is hosted on one of the WA servers, you will soon discover that there is a limit as to the overall file size of any website.

You may find it easier to upload to your Dropbox for downloading purposes, if that is your intention. As video files are humongous files all on their own.

The Easy Digital Downloads plugin you mentioned to Marion, you may need to unzip the file if it is a premium plugin. Many developer tend to wrap other things inside anther zip file which you may discover contains the zip file of the actual plugin.

If so, simply unzip the first file and then use the zipped file labeled with the plugin name.

I know this sounds weird... but some developers add instructions they want you to have along with their plugin.

Hope you find this helpful.
ChigsGohel Premium
Yes! Spot on answer. I have 12 videos, totalling 17 hours, I am uploading to server via FTP, site hosted by WA.

If there is a limit, then it's abit rubbish from my point of view.
I will do what you mentioned and upload the videos to Dropbox.

What if I want limit customers download to two times only, can this be done?
Triblu Premium
Before you take offense, check out other web hosting providers. Most will charge you an arm and a leg for a website to fit THAT many videos... honest.

Seriously, go pricing their rates. Think you'll be shocked... which is why professional marketers use Dropbox for their downloads.

Limiting how many people can view your website at one time is ALSO limited. That is called bandwidth. So, once a website becomes very popular, then your hosting would cost more in order to gain more bandwidth.

Web hosting providers HAVE to put limits on else EVERYONE would abuse their servers, and then they'd need to jack up their rates, making it out of range for the average person to be able to have a website.

Restricting the number of times a paying customer is allowed to download your digital products is never advisable. However, check and see if there are plugins to help you do that.
ChigsGohel Premium
Been emailing support.
Ok, looks like on Filezilla, you need to create a folder within the WP-CONTENT folder to make links work.

All working now.
MarionBlack Premium
Are you trying to play the videos or have them available for people to download?

If they are going to be downloaded then it's probably a good idea to zip them or the files may be too big.

If the files are a reasonable size then you can just use Media Library > Add Media to store them in your Media Library and then you can check the URL to give people to download the files.

Try Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

If it's a technical problem contact Site Support
ChigsGohel Premium
Thanks for this.
I tried downloading the plugin - Easy Digital Downloads

I am getting this message - Installation failed: Could not create directory.

Hmmm... It's getting late so will try later tomorrow.

Thank you, Marion
ChrystopherJ Premium
Are you getting the error in FileZilla or in your browser when checking the video?
ChigsGohel Premium
In browser
HildeRegine Premium
Great question! Just follow your question to hear the answer and learn something.
ChigsGohel Premium
Ok, Hilde. So annoying as never experienced this before as first time I am using FTP (Filezilla)