I have completed the starter training and developed my first website. I have the About Me and the Privacy Page posted to it as the training helped me accomplish.
The question is, The website is rather bland, not engaging and my first post to it landed under a header that the theme created. the header is called "UNCATAGORIZED". Can I delete that header or change it? Also, I atempeted to add an image related the the niche but it doesn't appear on the website. Just the white page with the various navigation areas. Can io improve this?

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Dale123 Premium Plus
Hi David - I just responded back to your PM but will copy the answer here as well just to cover all bases :)

To delete that you simply need to go to your admin panel, click categories & then delete or rename the uncategorised category. Please be aware that you do need to have at least 1 category active so if it's your only one then you'll need to rename it. If that doesn't work or you want it removed altogether (regardless of category name) then you'll just need to edit the theme file... But let me know if that's the case & I'll give you more guidance on that :)
AkshaySaxena Premium
I believe, let's move along with the training. Things will get crystal clear along the way, step-by-step.

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