It's a good idea to have a master domain that will cover almost all of our possible niches as a folder or subdomain to create our websites.

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Rajesh70 Premium
I recommend to have different domains for each niche.
MichalB Premium
You want to be focused on one niche only, Dimitrios. For that reason, one domain is perfectly enough.

Within this domain, you will have a lot of different posts and pages talking about your niche from different angles.

I hope this answered your question.
Otherwise, we can elaborate on that a bit more.
DKotsos Premium
So, my domain can't use for any niche?
MichalB Premium
Your domain can be used for any niche.
When it comes to affiliate marketing (this is what the WA platform teaches) you want to stick with one niche only (at least at the beginning).

But I see know that the domain is an e-commerce site (like Amazon).
In that case, it is OK to have different kinds of products (niches) in there.