l bought a website but im now having problems with it, it was hosted at godaddy,now l want to transfer to WA for hosting.

The seller is assuming lm a technical person IM NOT and told him so,now sent me the details but im not sure what to do from here.

What is my next step? l need to transfer from go daddy to Namecheap but im not sure how.

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digpacitti Premium
As stated below, it should be an easy task to transfer domain hosting to WA. BUt is you already own the domain name why are you trying to transfer that? Is the year up and you can get the domaine cheaper are namecheap? Bob gives good information below but what is your intent? There should always be a support mechanism in place. Contact support at namecheap and ask them to help you with the process.
MoritzS Premium
Is it just the domain?
Or is there already something on the site?
BobBarr Premium
Transferring the domain registration and transferring the hosting are two separate things.

KatieMac has posted a link that describes how to point your domain to WA's servers for hosting. (You can do that with any domain registrar to point your hosting wherever you'd like.)

To transfer the domain's registration from godaddy to namecheap, you'll need do get a code (called an "EPP code") from godaddy and provide that code to namecheap. (The code is required to validate that you're the owner of the domain name you're transferring.) When godaddy receives the transfer request along with the proper code from namecheap, they'll release the registration to namecheap as your new registrar.
KatieMac Premium
you need to transfer from godaddy to wa hosting, they will still have the domain name but the hosting will come to WA

This is a bit older but it might still help