where is the training module for putting the business you are supporting on your domain? I am advertising WA but I dont know how to add this to my page.

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MarionBlack Premium
Start the Affiliate Bootcamp training (black button on left) and you'll learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.
moving19 Premium
Where is website development located? When i click on this it does not take me to the training?
abdul11 Premium
boot camp follow the training
drlumsden Premium
Dear moving19,

Good Day!

WA has Websites & Hostings.
If that is not sufficient to answer your question, then go to the question baron your profile and type in WA -Website Development. See what pops up.

MozMary Premium
you could try the search bar and look for adding affiliate links or banners, or try widgets

this isn't usually the first step because affiliate links without a bunch of good content sometimes goes against you getting ranked high in the SERPs...but you could scoot through all the lessons and that way you also get a pic of the other things you ideally should have in place too...
moving19 Premium
Im getting ready to start level 2 training...I just finished the 10 lessons in section 1 so did I miss this? I have done all of the other settings I think. Thank You