Website validation

Could you please perform one of the following actions:

Create a file named 79cteshf.html to the root folder of the domain of your website. i.e.

Insert a meta tag to your site's homepage. i.e.

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Sgcowan Premium
It's possible to add a meta tag to your homepage header, however we can't upload a file because WA does not give us root or FTP access to the server. For the meta tag, you can download a plugin called ''headers and footers'', search for it in plugins in your WP admin area and install it. Then activate it and then you will see under settings on your WP left hand menu the plugin, click on the menu link and then you will see where to paste your meta tag.

I use this plugin all the time, saves bothering the code on your site.

Hope this helps,

feigner Premium
if you are using a html tag then you can add it to ad inserter plugin into the head section yourself.
check it is there using the view source menu in your browser and searching for the information.
have fun
HildeRegine Premium
merlynmac Premium
You can use FTP to put that file there but I recommend you just open a ticket with Site Support and ask them to do it for you. It's faster.