It was my first time having this kind of issues that my website doesn't load its content. I'm thinking if some of you here are experiencing having the same kind of problem as mine.

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vberton Premium
I have had that issue from day one. I have to reload several times until it opens. I don't know what the issue is I am sure someone will tell us
cybridge Premium
Sorry guys, i already found the solution my self. Thanks for helping and sharing your opinion. This means that people here at WA are really helpful.
techhound Premium
Hey Cy,
My website is working. First try putting your website here:
to see if it is something going on your end. Also, if your smart device is on a different IP address try it on that.

Try disabling your firewall temporarily to see if it is blocking it. Some of them (firewalls) add websites without even asking. I've had that happen several times.

If all else fails, submit a ticket.

Best Regards,
Yolette Premium
I'm sorry you're having difficulties.
If this comforts you at all... I too have been having intermittent problems loading my immigration website since last week. It's usually resolved after a few minutes...
I thought it was due to horrible internet connectivity issues stemming from my provider.
I'm baffled by this!?
bill2409 Premium
I have not experienced this problem my friend so I am no help in this instance, except to advice you to join the live chat to get your answer.