Hi Guys,

I'm looking at starting project number two and promote WA. Please send me a link or post a link to your website so I can have a look and even leave a comment for you if needed.


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EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks for asking Jonah. My website is dedicated to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I'll be delighted to share it with you.


Although I have a blog roll where my posts are laid out most recent first, there is also a menu system to make it easier for those arriving at my website to navigate to articles of interest.

I hope this helps.


scottpenton Premium
CyndiMcK Premium
I've been collecting links of other WA's reviews. They are easy to find, just Google search: wealth affiliate review. Use Jaxxy to find other WA keywords to search and Google to see who's using them (or not!).

We aren't supposed to post our sites in discussions.

People who have WA sites or pages CAN direct us to their profile, where their site can be linked. That would be great to see. And Jonah did say we could send a link to him.
Jonah2020 Premium
Yeah sorry guys for the misunderstanding please just give us a shout if you have a WA promoting website from Bootcamp and I'll pick up the link from your profile guys. That wasn't your fault that was me whoops lol.

James877 Premium
I just started mine this week, but here it is