Don't want to delete changes that I've created for my website, so I created a child theme. Now, when I go to edit my website (using the child theme) I'm getting a message that there's an update available. Should I click on the parent, and update that way? Or update the child?

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BobBarr Premium
You update the parent theme.

The theme update will replace files in the parent theme while leaving your child theme untouched. The child theme isolates your changes (done in the child theme) from being affected by theme updates (done to the parent theme). If you had made your changes to the parent theme, they would be overwritten by the update and you'd need to re-enter them with every theme update.
jvranjes Premium
There is a training by Marion. I do not use child theme but do remember her saying that it is updated through the mother theme if this is all set up correctly. Try to find the training for details.